Human Hair Necklaces by Kerry Howley

This weekend I’m learn to play poker, next weekend I will learn to make necklaces out of human hair. Kerry Howley is a contemporary jeweller and jewellery artist recently graduated with a First Class BA Hons Jewellery and Accessories degree from Middlesex University. She is fascinated by the power materials have to influence our emotional […]

The Kris Traditional Weapons From Indonesia

The Kris (original name: Keris) is the national weapon of the Indonesian Archipelago and comes in various shapes. A keris or kris is a special knife that has been constructed entirely for magick & Spiritual Purpose. The creation is a long and complicated Magical ritual which involves the blending of the metal with magickal ingredients […]

Shocking but Creative Dolls by Julien Martinez

Julien Martinez, born in 1970 in the area of Bordeaux (France), is a contemporary doll artist who has a diploma of the «Ecole des Beaux Arts» (bachelor of Arts) of Bordeaux. In 1996, he has presented for the first time its dolls at the “Paris Création“ International Fare. The public was quite enthousiast and his […]

Knitted Sculpture Artworks by Thomas C. Chung – A Little Artist

Thomas C. Chung – A Little Artist, born in Hong Kong, lives and work in Norway has made some impressive art work. Artist who draws inspiration from folk tales, childhood memories and events from his personal relationships. Ice cream, bonbons and salty snacks, sweets or salt foods; it’s all part of of his collection. Check […]