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Ron’s Slip and Slide Extravaganza – Video

A 60′ long waterslide off the roof of Ron’s house with a ramp at the end.

The slide is made of 8 strips of ply wood 2′ wide by 8′ long. Underneath the slide 3 rows of 1″ conduit run the length of the slide – this gives the slide elasticity and prevents the wood from cracking. About 80 L-brackets hold the guard rails on which are just strips of paneling. 2 steel cables hold the slide to the house – they’re connected to the windowsill and where the back of the slide meets the lower roof. A blue tarp is stapled to the surface and a garden hose tied to the top to supply a constant stream of water. About every 4 ft there is some sort of a support structure – 2 by 4s, the van, the roof, big rocks, etc. The ramp needs extra support, we piled a ton of rocks underneath it. It’s also very important that the slide is level all the way down and won’t lean to the side if weight is put on it.

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Turn Your Love of Chocolate from a Secret Pleasure to a Fun Social Event

Chocolate isn’t a Food, but an Experience
Few words evoke the emotional enthusiasm people feel toward chocolate. It has a treasured place in our personal collection of memories – the Easter baskets, the birthday treats, the candy displays at Christmas, the heart that told you someone loves you.

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Prevent A Migraine Headache

A migraine headache is a form of vascular headache. Migraine headache is caused by a combination of vasodilatation (enlargement of blood vessels) and the release of chemicals from nerve fibers that coil around the blood vessels. Migraine headaches typically last from 4-72 hours. They may occur as often as several times a week to only once a year. People who have migraines are called migraineurs.

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