Cat behaviour

Cat behaviour

Learn the art of doing nothing with your cat. Your pet will appreciate the one-on-one time with you, and you’ll appreciate the time to relax.

Many people think they must always be “busy” with their cats. They continuously talk or pet them and relentlessly chase after them to see how or what they’re doing. But cats are low-maintenance creatures. They don’t multi-task. In fact, they often prefer to do nothing. And guess what? They prefer you to do nothing with them!

How can you do nothing with your cat? The most effective technique is to simply hold her. That’s right. Cats don’t want less attention, they want less active attention.

What a treat for your cat to share quiet time with you, quietly.

The preferred holding position is for you to sit with your knees propped up on a stool or chair. This tilts you back a bit, and allows the cat to rest against your chest and feel the warmth of your body. Wrap your arms around her in a secure but loose grip. Allow your cat’s head to rest on your forearm, or support it with your cupped palm.

Now comes the tricky parttime to do nothing. Can you?

This is an opportunity for you to slow down and concentrate on gentle, rhythmic breathing. There will always be busy time later. Feel your cat rise and fall with each breath. Enjoy as she curls up and luxuriates in your peacefulness.

If you feel compelled to do something, hum. The vibration is relaxing. Try to return to silence; even resist the temptation to caress your cat. This is true downtime.

Try this for two to four minutes each day. Remember, less is more. At first, the time may seem excruciatingly long to you. But your cat? She appreciates that you’ve learned the art of doing nothing. What a unique way to spend quiet time together.

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