How Can I Achieve Permanent Weight Loss?

How Can I Achieve Permanent Weight Loss?

There are hundreds of people out there with advice about how to lose weight. Some of them offer quick weight loss. Beware of anyone who claims that losing weight can be quick. Don’t get me wrong, it is very, very easy to lose weight quickly, but it will be water, or worse muscle loss. This is not sustainable and you will very quickly put the weight back on again – and it will be harder and harder to lose in the future. It’s always better to aim for slow and steady – around 2lbs per week.

The truth is losing weight is very simple – burn more calories than you eat. However, that is not to say it is easy. 90%+ of people who go on a diet either give up, or put the weight back on again as soon as they stop. So do you want to be with the majority, or do you want to be one of the less than 1 in 10 people who achieve sustainable weight loss?

Still here? Good.

There are three components of a good weight loss solution. Notice I didn’t say diet. Forget about the d-word. It has way too many negative connotations – in many people’s mind diet is all about lack, depriving yourself and most important it’s something you do for a short while. If you want to achieve permanent weight loss you will have to make some permanent changes in your life. If you find yourself overweight then something isn’t working for you. So maybe its time to make changes. Don’t you want to lead a happier, healthier life? How about feeling more energetic and sexy? Surely that’s worth a bit of effort? But the great thing is you don’t need to feel you are losing out on anything.

So what are these three magic components? Eating, exercising and, often the hardest part, sticking to the plan.

Don’t let anybody tell you what YOU should eat because only you know your likes and dislikes, not to mention whether you have any intolerance, allergies or any foods you don’t eat for ethical reasons, etc. That doesn’t mean you should carry on eating what you are eating now. You need to find out about healthy foods that will help you burn fat while feeding your muscles. Remember muscles are fat burning furnaces, so don’t ever starve yourself to the extent that you start to burn muscle. Aim to eat small, regular meals to ensure your metabolism is working with you and you are really burning fat.

Then get yourself moving – all it takes is thirty minutes, 3-4 times a week. Don’t sign up for a gym if you hate it – you’ll only stop and beat yourself up as a failure. Think about something you will enjoy and stick to it – swimming, dancing, or even walking. That way you will incorporate it into your life for the long haul.

Then, just stick to it! Good Luck, and remember you have nothing to lose but your excess pounds!

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