How to Play and Win Monopoly Game

How to Play and Win Monopoly Game

Monopoly is a game that consists of a type of market within the game. You can buy and sell property. It takes hours and hours just to finish one game, but just like any other game you have to roll the dice so winning isn’t always a guarantee. You can however, increase your odds of winning through a bit of strategic thinking. It won’t matter what game piece you choose whether it’s the car or the shoe, as long as your thinking of the game the right way you’ll see results.

The official rules page for Monopoly states that the objective of the game is to “Become the wealthiest player through buying, renting and selling of property.” While that may be true it’s more about gaining control of a service. You must be dominant to win. What most people fail to understand that Monopoly is really about creating a Monopoly. When someone lands on your property your lending them a service by letting their game piece rest on your land. In return they must pay rent.

If you can make it so you’re the only renter in the game, then you’ve won the game because being the only supplier of a good or service that’s in demand is a Monopoly and you’ll profit no matter what you do. In real life this sort of thing would be just as profitable and greedy. A real Monopoly is much worse since the person doing it can always raise or lower costs to suit their own fancy.


Now I’m sure that you would of tried to obtain “Park Place” and “Board Walk” because those are the two properties that pay the most. The deal here is that your not going to get the chance to buy that every game you play. You need to focus on the other properties as well. Don’t play favorites because all of them will serve you as long as you own them. Always try to get all of the same color and be willing to trade properties in order to obtain the ones you need.

Until all the properties are sold, do not start building houses or hotels. You need to focus on getting as much property as you can. Once all the properties are sold you’ll want to focus on trading, selling and buying from the other players. Start building houses on the property you do have if you own all two or three colors of a property and watch as more money starts rolling in.


When spending your money you want to be careful not to over spend, because if you land on someone’s property and you don’t have the doe to give to your renter, you’ll have to mortgage some of your own property and that will also lose you money because you won’t be able to charge rent. You’ll have to rely on luck a lot of times, because no one can strategize when rolling a pair of dice. Just hope for the best and expect the worst.

Good luck in your game and remember just to have fun with it. Even losing can teach a person something.

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