The Kris Traditional Weapons From Indonesia

The Kris Traditional Weapons From Indonesia

The Kris (original name: Keris) is the national weapon of the Indonesian Archipelago and comes in various shapes.

A keris or kris is a special knife that has been constructed entirely for magick & Spiritual Purpose. The creation is a long and complicated Magical ritual which involves the blending of the metal with magickal ingredients and the invoking of a powerful jinn/khodam spirit into the keris Blade. After the keris Sword has been created, the spirit is continually fed, so it gradually grows more powerful. They are often passed down from generation to generation. Our keris go back as far as the 8th century, when the most powerful magickal knives & Swords were made. They have become extremely potent through magickal & Spiritual usage and continuous feeding.

What gives the keris its power is the genie( Also known as Khodam or Jinn) that resides in it. The genie, or jinn, is a magickal spirit that normally exists in a parallel dimension. The performance of complex rituals can draw one across the threshold and encourage it to make its home in a magically prepared object. However, unlike the Alladin story they do not appear physically to instantly grant all your wishes. They are invisible beings, only visible through clairvoyant vision, and although they often can grant your wishes, it may take time, according to the power of the individual jinn. Different jinns will have different strengths, and different religious affiliations. We tend to use religious jinns, as they are safe and serve their keeper well. Coming from Indonesia, these jinns tend to be Muslim or Hindu, and tend to take on the name of the Hindu deity they work with or one of the holy names of Allah. Theirs names will reflect their particular powers.

The different powers will also reflect in the different ways of using them. Some are more suitable for experienced magicians, and like to be held in rituals, in which case they will add great power to the ritual. Some keris are easier to use by the beginner. You only have to hold it and visualize your desire and the jinn will work on fulfilling that desire. Others were created as family protectors, and can be used with no magickal knowledge at all. All you have to do is hang it on the wall and feed it once a month and it will work quietly in the background, protecting you from harm, or drawing in wealth and good luck. There are some that can be carried on the person to confer authority on the carrier, silencing opponents and making you successful in all debates and interviews. Others will have a very particular magickal usage, and will be supplied with full instructions.

Feeding the keris is easy. The jinn spirits often feed on scent, and all you have to do is anoint it with aromatic oils or pass it through incense smoke regularly. Some need to be exposed to moonlight. Others require food offerings. You simply put the food next to the keris and leave it overnight. The spirit will absorb the energy of the food.

Ancient Keris will provide all types of Magickal Kerises with many types of jinns/genies. We hold a vast range of kerises ideal for the curious beginner and also those kerises for the advanced magicians and spiritual masters. We obtain these items from ancestral belongings, passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. Their expertise in magickal and ancient keris creation still remains a secret and their techniques are close guarded and passed down only within there bloodline. The most magickal and powerful kerises are said to be made by empus of equal magnitude in magickal and spiritual status. Some Magic kerises are crafted with exquisiteness in mind, others with magickal power in mind, mostly the empus combine these two characteristics to create the ultimate types of kerises and these are the ones we seek to provide to you.

A Keris can be used as a magickal & Spiritual aid in reaching and manifesting one’s desired goals and aspirations. The spirit which dwells within the keris Sword supports your daily aspects in terms of luck, wealth and health and interactions with people. The empus have created these magickal blades with the thought that they will empower one’s aura and assist in one’s quest for desired qualities and enhancements in life. These are all infused into the item during its creation and these can all work to successfully aid one’s spiritually development. The keris can also be used as a significantly powerful and magickal item, by which is can confer magickal energies through the help of the indwelling spirit and aid advanced magicians and spiritual masters in rituals, spells and magickal development.

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