Dog saves life of newborn Baby in Saudi Arabia

A picture went viral in Saudi Arabia this week, showing a dog carrying a newborn baby in its mouth to take her to a nearby house, where she was rushed to hospital. The Saudi daily ‘Sada’ said it does not know whether the incident took place in the Gulf Kingdom or another country but it […]

Interesante Facts About The Ladybug

The main question that comes up, when speaking about the Ladybugs, is how they got their name……In the middle ages, farmers were having great difficulty controlling the pests that kept plaguing their crops, mainly aphids and other such plant chewing critters. In an attempt to fix this problem, the resorted to praying to the virgin […]

Girl sleeps with a Bengal tiger in her bed

Where does the tiger sleep tonight? For some it’s the ‘mighty jungle’ but this one spends his nights snuggled up with 17-year-old Felicia Frisco. Felicia has been sharing her bed with Will the Bengal tiger since the day he was born and the pair will remain bedfellows until he’s a year old. “I get a […]

Cat behaviour

Learn the art of doing nothing with your cat. Your pet will appreciate the one-on-one time with you, and you’ll appreciate the time to relax. Many people think they must always be “busy” with their cats. They continuously talk or pet them and relentlessly chase after them to see how or what they’re doing. But […]