Bizarre Books

More than 300,000 books published yearly in the United States. But not every author’s masterwork is cut out for The New York Times Best Seller list, there are some books that are just so downright bizarre that it’s hard to imagine anyone reading them at all. Strange, quirky, surprising, disturbing – the following books may […]

Creepy African Food

African food is heavily based in starch. Common African starches include sorghum, ground millet, cornmeal, potatoes, yams and rice. Stews are a popular form of preparation, often containing hot spices. Through trade and colonization, ideas and tastes have been introduced by various countries from Europe and the Middle East, and they have been blended with […]

Shocking but Creative Dolls by Julien Martinez

Julien Martinez, born in 1970 in the area of Bordeaux (France), is a contemporary doll artist who has a diploma of the «Ecole des Beaux Arts» (bachelor of Arts) of Bordeaux. In 1996, he has presented for the first time its dolls at the “Paris Création“ International Fare. The public was quite enthousiast and his […]

Crochet Cars Collection and Some Other Vehicles

It is quite unusual to see a car covered in crochet. But, now you get to see it in our particular photo collection of crochet vehicles collected from around the web. In this collection we gathered 32 cool photos that show how vehicle can look at some different ways.

Triple Sun Over China

Just your average smoggy day in China… wait a minute! What’s that? A triple sun? The illusion, deemed a legitimate astronomical phenomenon, is created by the sun being shadowed by two smaller twins and making an image of three suns. The effect is known by experts as the ‘phantom sun’ and unofficially called an ‘ice […]

Calf born with two heads

Georgian television has broadcast pictures of a two-headed calf reportedly born in the village of Abedad.Since its birth on January 2nd, Jgarkava has been bottle-feeding the calf as the mother rejected it.”I try to keep it alive and feed it with its mother’s milk every three hours,” she told a local TV station. There have […]