Secret Tips to Leaving a Hair Salon Happy!

Secret Tips to Leaving a Hair Salon Happy!

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Hair Salon Walking out of a hair salon happier than you can imagine doesn’t have to be a hit-or-miss occurrence. Unfortunately, it is not an uncommon experience to end up with a cut and/or style that falls far below your expectations. This can happen even at reputable and well-known salons. You can invest a great deal of money and time on your hairstyle and still be disappointed. Fortunately, this type of occurrence can be avoided! By following the below tips, it is definitely possible to get your hairstylist to give you a cut just the way you had imagined and be excited about the outcome.

Choosing a Style

Acquiring your desired look begins with choosing an actual hairstyle example from either a fashion magazine or from the internet. Initial selection is one of the most critical elements to getting the haircut you want. Although you can choose any look that appeals to you, not every cut will agree with your features. You are more likely to successfully replicate a look if you match your hair type and facial features to the model. As an example, don’t expect to be able to achieve a sleek straight bob if you have thick, curly waves. Be reasonable; recognize that the most talented of stylists cannot make you look good in a style that does not fit you.

Communicate Your Expectations

Now that you have found the look that you want, it is time to get down to the details of achieving it at the salon. Typically, what most clients do is give the beautician the name of a particular cut, add some descriptive details, and leave the rest up to the hairstylist. Unfortunately, that is usually not enough if you want a very specific cut. Although beauticians are expected to know the latest trends, each one will most likely have a different interpretation of that concept. If all you provide is a verbal representation, you will probably end up with a variation of the style you wanted.

To make sure that your end result is a reasonable representation of the look you desired, it is best to bring along a few examples. Not only will a picture show the exact haircut you want, it will also give your beautician a means to ask questions about the design for any additional clarification. You can find pictures in magazines, download them from the internet, or tag the salon’s trend books.

Voice Your Concerns

Hair characteristics vary substantially between individuals. If you have specific concerns about yours, don’t hesitate to mention these matters to your beautician to allow that person to make any necessary adjustments to your desired cut. These adjustments could hopefully make the style you desire work best with your features and lifestyle.

If your stylist does not think that the design you have selected is feasible given your individual characteristics, be open to suggestions. Most hairstylists are trained and experienced in matching each cut to the right person to achieve a particular desired appearance.

Know the Specific Plans

Before the actual cut, be sure to discuss completely the specific plans for your cut and style. Ask to be shown the length to be trimmed as well as the length of any layers if those are being placed. If you are not familiar with the terminology being used, ask to have it explained to you in more understandable terms. This should help prevent any misunderstandings between you and your hairstylist. Finally, do not hesitate to stop the trim if you think too much or too little length is being removed.

Obtaining a fashionable hairstyle is certainly achievable. By utilizing the above tips, you can leave the salon with your head up high, enjoying the great feeling of having an impressive new hairstyle. Feel good and look good with your sharp new image!

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